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フランス | クリニャンクール
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スペイン | ボケリア | サンアントン
メキシコ | シウダデラ
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韓国 | 東大門
タイ | チャトチャック
ベトナム | ベンタイン
マレーシア | セントラル
インド | ジャンパト
トルコ | エジプシャン
モロッコ | ジャマエルフナ

MA-KET | From the world market

Whenever I go on a trip I visit the market in that city. The market is a place of information transmission where people all over the world can see their lifestyles and trends. Every time I went there was a new discovery and I was looking forward to traveling first. I think that touching, understanding and enjoying different cultures is a spice that colors of life.

In 2019, we are base on Tokyo, also Ishigaki Island. That full of nature located in the most west part of Japan.

Ishigaki Island is the closest to Asia, and served by international flights. 1 hour to get to Taiwan. 2 hours to get to Hong Kong, one of the world's leading hub airports. From such wonderful environment Ishigaki Island to go to the world market, we will deliver the best products to you.

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